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The leaders of WANGFANGDIAN municipality had paid a visit to our company for work review .

Visits:1242   Time:2012-03-12
In the afternoon of 11/8/2011l a  visiting group of  10 people led by  Mr. Li , the deputy  mayor  of WAFANGDIAN  municipality  who is  in charge of science and technology , and  Mr. Wu , the leader of Science and technology  Bureau of WAFANGDIAN municipality  came to  visit  our company and  carried out the review  on the  enterprise development and the technology progress of  our company . Mr. Gao cheng ming , the  director of the board  and other related  responsible leaders  had accompanied  them  through the whole  visit . Mr. Gao  Cheng  Ming  had  reported to them on a  special topic  in   terms of   the company’s development and  the  technology progress. After their visit  Mr  Li and  their visiting group  had highly appreciated our enterprise  and had   put forward some of the valuable suggestion on  the company’s  future development and  held that  they would give  fully support  to the company  in  the aspects  of scientific and technical progress .
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