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Dalian Innovation Gear  Box Manufacturing  Co. Ltd  is a joint-venture  company ltd  funded  by Dalian Mingyang Industrial Co. Ltd ( formerly reorganized  from Dalian Gear Box  Plant  which was built in 1962) and Dalian innovation  Accessory Manufacturing Company. The company has many year’s experience  in gear  designing and manufacturing .it also has  a large number of engineers and technician  who have mastered the techniques of gear designing and  manufacturing and has advanced  and completed metrological instrument and equipment .The company has won the title of the  state  second-class metrological unit .In the year of 1997 the company   gotISO9002quality system approval and in the March of 2004  got ISO/TS16949 quality management system approval, and in   May of the same year    won  the approval  confirmation   of  the qualified  provincial metrological unit.  The company   has consecutively  won  a series  of honorable  titles  such as :the star  enterprise of Wafasngdian, the best enterprise  of Dalian city , an  enterprise of class-AAA reputation of Dalian, the excellent  municipal & county –belonging enterprise of Liaoning province , the main enterprise  of provincial level which has enjoyed  the reputation that  abide  by contract  and observe  the prestige , and has won  the title  of the top-500 best mechanical manufacturer and the  top-10 gear  box  manufacturer  of China , and the title of  the most  competitive  enterprise  among  the top-500 medium & small size enterprise  of China .“ 

“To provide  the best  products to customers , and leave the unsatisfactory for  ourselves “ is target  that  the company is untiringly  pursuing .The main products  the company is manufacturing now is that:  the spur timing gears   of  the diesel engine for  automobile, the tooth rings   of  flying wheel, the gears of  speed  transforming box  for the heavy-load trucks,the draw frame speed transforming assembly for textile  machinery  and etc. the products are now becoming the supported components  mainly supplied  to complete  with  the diesel engines  produced by some well-known  domestic enterprises  such as FAW company(group) and JINGWEI company(group),thus it has  formed a production and  sales status  of trans-trading in   products production , trans-groups in products  variety, and    at  present  the company  has become  the main  supplier of  gears  for DUETZ Diesel Engine   newly developed by “DACHAI”, gears  for “OWEI” diesel engine  newly developed by “XICHAI”, and gears for  the “QD32” diesel engine  newly developed by “CHAOCHAI”. The trade mark” CXC”(R)  registered has been selected  as the well-known  trade mark of Dalian   . The spur timing gear  with “CXC” brand  for diesel engine  has been approved  to be the excellent  product  of Dalian as well as  of Liaoning province . The annual output  of gear production  now has reached over  2.6 million pieces ranking the  dominant position  in the manufacturing  of the  gear product which  are selected  as  the supported  components  required  for the diesel engines with which are equipped  in the medium-load  trucks  in China .

“Human-oriented , development  and innovation”has been taken by the company as a fundamental   concept in performing the business . Try to make  the company  realize the individual development by seeking  for the co-operation with some related  enterprises of domestic and international and   strengthening the complementary  advantages. The  development target of the company is to   make  the company  rank in the first level among  the same competitors  in  terms of technology, equipment and facilities ,management as well as the products quality , to surpass all the competitors , to participate in the  international competition, and to maintain the  sustained competitive  advantage .”all done for the  customers, all done to   provide    the best quality products and best service to the customers” is the  service target  of the enterprise.“


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