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Dalian Mingyang  Industrial  Co. ltd  was set up  in June  of 2003 , and it was a limited  liability  company  which was  invested and  organized  by 29 people  of nature  headed by Mr. Gao Cheng Ming  after the economic system that the  state-owned  capital was  withdrawn  and the state-owned  staff status  was replaced  within the  former Dalian Gear  Box Plant (initially  set up in  the Oct. 1962), which was operated  by Wafangdian Municipal government ,had been realized.

Two sub-branch companies  have been  invested and set up under  the company of Dalian innovation Gear Box Manufacturing  Co. ltd  and Dalian Shengyu mechanical manufacturing Co. ltd  each of  which accounts  for  59% and 41% of the stock shares  respectively. Among them, Dalian Innovation Gear Box  Manufacturing  Co. ltd  was set up in the  Oct.2000,which is a  joint-stock  joint-venture  limited  liability company funded  by the former  Dalian Gear Box Plant  and Dalian Innovation  Accessory  manufacturing  Company. The company at present  has been developed  into a well-known and professional manufacturing  company domestically  in the field of  gear production  for  diesel engine .Dalian Shengyu Mechanical  Manufacturing  Co. ltd  was set up  in July  of 2003, it was  set up  with the investment  by  the gear  sub-branch plant  under  the former Dalian Gear Box  plant   and Mingyang Industrial Co. ltd.

At present , by taking  the gear box assembly  components  for  textile  machinery , the  transmission gear  box  for automobile, and  the  shaft-side reduction gear  as the main products , the company is now  carrying out  the R&D work of  balancer  assembly used for  car   and the assembly components used for hybrid  electric  vehicles .At the same time , it  is also seeking for  the appropriate  market opportunities  offered by other sectors  to develop  the gear

Products  used in the fields of machine-tools ,printing machinery, mechanical engineering ,wind-power machinery, new sorts of energy , environment protection and  energy saving areas. Through  the cultural inheritance  of many a year’s history , and by  careful and arduous  cultivation   with utter devotion , it has made it possible  for the company  to increasingly  improve  its R&D capability  as well as the  ability  to guarantee the quality .

The technical centre  of the company, having been  honored  as  the technical centre of Dalian municipal  level  as well as the level of Liaoning province , is taking the lead  to Compile  the gear standard  used for  the inner combustion engines  and has won  the patents   for many projects ; the quality insurance  system has consecutively  won the  approval of ISO9002 and ISO/TS16949 for the quality management  system. The product quality  has enjoyed  the wide  popularity and trust  of customers , and for many times  has  won the” award of the best quality”, the ”award of quality tackling “ and the title of “ core  supplier “.

Seeking for  development , mutual benefits  and joint-winning , through cooperation , with the aim of  development, by taking the technical research& development as the core work , and by developing  the assembly components  of varieties  with gear  professional products as the  relying products , Dalian Mingyang Industrial Company  has always  taken  the task of creating  values  for  customers  as its  own duty , constantly  seeks for  cooperation with others  in many other fields  with the  object  of consistently  expanding  its  market  and   of  increasing  its market share.

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