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The company’s party committee has organized a tour to Dandong city of china and DPRK for r

Visits:5351   Time:2012-03-12
To  celebrate the 90th anniversary  of CPC  , the  company’s party committee  has  organized the whole party members to make a  3 –day  tour to  visit the memorial
Hall of fighting against the American invaders and support  the people of the Democratic  People’s Republic  of Korea , and  XINYIZHOU  of DPRK to carry out the activities of reviewing and study .Through  the visiting and study ,  all the party members held that  our today’s peaceful life has been achieved at the cost of blood and lives  of numerous  revolutionary martyrs, it is  the  correct leadership of  CPC  that   has made us  take the  socialist road  with the Chinese characteristics. We should value  as hard as possible the  peaceful environment and   development opportunity which  have come not easily and  to  establish in our own position,  work hard , and to demonstrate  the  taking-lead role of  exemplary 
Vanguard with practical actions .

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